Smoke-extraction engineering: CERIB recognized as a Competent Body

On November 14, 2022, CERIB was recognized by the French Ministry of the Interior as competent with respect to smoke-extraction engineering. This recognition is the result of application of Article DF4 of the Ministerial order of June 25, 1980, concerning approval of the general provisions of the regulations for safety as regards the risks of fire and panic in buildings open to the public.

Smoke-extraction engineering is a means of assessing a fire-venting system in order to ensure that the public can evacuate a building safely and that the intervention of emergency services is facilitated.

The CERIB Fire Testing Centre is now recognized as having dual skills for involvement in and management of projects relating to Fire Safety Engineering (FSE):

  • Fire-performance engineering studies in real-fire scenarios, for all construction methods (reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, steel and composite structures, timber structures), as an approved laboratory for fire-resistance testing,
  • Smoke-extraction engineering as a recognized competent body.

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