Partnership between Fire Testing Centre and Eurailtest for global expertise regarding railways, by means of a ‘one-stop shop’ addressing fire reaction and resistance

On 30 June, Gilles Bernardeau, CEO of CERIB, and Franck Poisson, Director of Eurailtest, signed a partnership agreement for providing manufacturers and contractors in the rail industry with global fire-safety expertise through a ‘one-stop shop’ addressing fire reaction and resistance.

This collaboration between a fire-reaction laboratory (the Testing and Measurement Laboratory (LEM) of the Paris Transit Authority (RATP)) and a fire-resistance laboratory (CERIB’s Fire Testing Centre), within the framework of a proposal headed by Eurailtest, gives all those involved in the railway industry an opportunity to appraise and certify the fire performance of their products. Through this partnership, the complementary fire-testing resources of the two laboratories have been harnessed together to constitute a global offering that covers all fire-safety requirements as specified by standard NF EN 45 545. It means there is a ‘one-stop shop’ proposing comprehensive, interlocking services closely matched to the needs of contractors and manufacturers in the railways sector. This new global offering marketed by Eurailtest strengthens the company’s position on the Fire-Safety Engineering (FSE) and fire-performance market.

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